Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) 2015

The Brief

In 2015, Open Labs organised the second edition of OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania), with the theme “Decentralisation”.  They requested a visual identity that could metaphorically explain how decentralised open source projects, such as Wikimedia, Mozilla, Linux etc. could become a powerful alternative to the traditional way proprietary tech platforms work.

The Solution

The three main forms: The circle, the square and the equilateral triangle, are shaped through a system of isolated dots. The dots are then interconnected in a way that the centre remains intentionally void. The message that the key visual intends to communicate is that we don’t need a centre to collaborate in compelling ways.

Project info

Year: 2016
Commissioned by: Open Labs Hackerspace
Project type: Visual Identity
Technique: Graphic design
Media: Posters, Video, Banners, Social Posts, Gadgets

Creative Directors: Kleidi Eski, Redon Skikuli (client)
Art Director: Kleidi Eski

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