Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) 2017

Internet of People!
The Brief

In 2017, Open Labs Hackerspace organised the fourth edition of OSCAL, with the theme “Internet of People”.  They requested an edgy visual identity with the potential of generating attractive merchandise in support of the organization’s endeavours.

The Solution

The communication campaign started with a series of xeroxed A4 fliers that were glued in a guerrilla approach around the streets of Tirana and in the corridors of the public universities.

The flyers invited people to visit a website that was built just to host the online manifest “Internet of People”

For the theme we drew inspiration from the art of Shepard Fairey and the 1917 russian revolution posters. We developed a detailed illustration of a hand that firmly holds a magnifying lens, causing a little flame, where refracted rays focus.

A limited number of A2 posters were silk-screen printed by Tind in Athens on cream 300gr paper, along with merchandize tote-bags.

Project info

Year: 2017
Commissioned by: Open Labs Hackerspace
Project type: Visual Identity
Technique: Graphic design, photo collage
Media: Posters, Banners, Social Posts, Gadgets

Creative Directors: Kleidi Eski, Redon Skikuli (client)
Art Director: Kleidi Eski
Photos: Manolis Angelakis, Andis Rado

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