Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) 2016

Empowering the Commons
The Brief

In 2016, Open Labs Hackerspace organised the third edition of OSCAL, with the theme “Empowering the Commons”.  They requested a visual identity that would express how open source software, hardware, as well as open knowledge can empower the commons.

The Solution

Three visuals were produced exclusively through the use of photographs released under creative commons license in wikimedia and Flickr. Over the artwork, a layer of text shows the credits of the authors of the original photographs. The three visuals focused on the three main themes of the event: Knowledge, Technology and Tirana. Read more at:

Project info

Year: 2016
Commissioned by: Open Labs Hackerspace
Project type: Visual Identity
Technique: Graphic design, photo collage
Media: Posters, Banners, Social Posts, Gadgets

Creative Directors: Kleidi Eski, Redon Skikuli (client)
Art Director: Kleidi Eski
Authors of source photographs: (external link)

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