Telekom Bullyproof

Social Responsibility Campaign for Telekom

Step 1: Interactive Quizz

Step 2: Data Interpretation


Step 3: Awareness

The Brief

Following a youth hackathon on the issue of bullying and internet security, we were invited by Telekom Albania ( to build an interactive quizz game, with the purpose of collecting statistics on the influence of bullying among young teenagers in Albania.

The Solution

We worked together with a psychologist to identify questions and situations where teenagers would show several degrees of either being a bully or a victim of bullying. The research game collected answers from 2700+ Teenagers.

Based on these answers, educational and infographic comics and videos were distributed to schools and social networks through national celebrities.

Project info

Year: 2019
Commissioned by: Telekom Albania, V+O Albania
Project type: Social responsibility campaign
Techniques: Design, illustration, copywriting, motion graphics
Media: Web, social media, print

Creative Director: Kleidi Eski, Sibel Pipa (Telekom)
Web: TOK Digital
Copywriter: Nerajda Sula

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