Tirana International Film Festival 2019

The Brief

For its 17th edition, Tirana International Film Festival, requested a visual identity under the theme “Transition” and the slogan No Change, Exchange. The theme resonated with the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall.

As per request by the festival’s director, the new visual identity had to be cinematic, edgy, provocative, local, political and relatable with a wide audience.

The Solution

I drew inspiration from the political turmoil of the early ninenties in Albania, just before fall of communism. Mysterious acts of vandalism reflected a long oppressed frustration. At the same time, they expressed the absurdity of time.

One such act was teenagers from marginalised villages hitting with stones the windows of trains coming from Tirana.

Additionally to the main visual, a secondary identity was based on typographic patterns transitioning in waves and containing the slogan of the festival.

Project info

Year: 2019
Commissioned by: Tirana Film Institute
Project type: Visual Identity
Technique: Graphic design, Typography, 3D
Media: Posters, Banners, Social Posts, Gadgets

Creative Director: Kleidi Eski

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