Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) 2018

Open by Default
The Brief

In 2018, Open Labs Hackerspace organised the fifth edition of OSCAL, with the theme “Open by Default”.  They requested an edgy visual identity with the potential of generating attractive merchandise in support of the organization’s endeavours.

The Solution

During the brainstorming sessions we discussed about the history of proprietary software and hardware and how they branched out of the common open source culture.

Then we came through the website of a company that produced screwdrivers designed specifically to open proprietary hardware, such as iPhones, iPads, macintosh computers, etc. These devices are often locked with screws that are hard to find screwdrivers for.

It seemed like a great response to the hermetic culture of proprietary technology:
“However you close it, we’ll find a way to open it!”

The key visual shows 64 unique screws. One of them is already unscrewed.
The video shows all the screws rotating in the opening direction.

Project info

Year: 2018
Commissioned by: Open Labs Hackerspace
Project type: Visual Identity
Technique: Graphic design
Media: Posters, Banners, Social Posts, Gadgets

Creative Directors: Kleidi Eski, Redon Skikuli (client)
Art Director: Kleidi Eski
Photos: Manolis Angelakis

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