Mos Ma Prek Valbonën

The Cause

During September 2016, the building of a series of hydroelectric power plants started on the rivers inside the National Park of Valbona. Meanwhile a law that permits the import of garbage from foreign countries was passed by the Albanian parliament. Both actions were opposed by environmental activists.

The Message

As an act of protest, jazz artists Elina Duni and Eda Zari, together with a group of fellow musicians organised a series of two concerts – one in Valbona and one in Tirana – where the messages “Don’t Touch Valbona” and “No to the import of garbage” were publicly called.
A visual identity that recalls hand written protest cards, served as means of communication in the social media and meeting points in Tirana, Pristina, Prizren, Gjakovë, Shkodër, etc.

Project info

Year: 2016
Project type: Activism, Environmental Awareness
Technique: Graphic design, calligraphy, illustration, drawing
Media: Posters, Banners, social

Designer: Kleidi Eski

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