Let us dive in – Elina Duni

The Brief

To promote her 2019 album “Partir”, Elina Duni chose to release the song “Let us dive in” through a music video. I was invited to direct it.

The Solution

The music video explores caves both as physical and emotional spaces in the context of relationship dynamics.

Project info

Year: 2018
Commissioned by: Elina Duni
Project type: Music Video
Technique: Compositing, VFX, Animation (2D, 3D), Live Action
Published in: youtube

Choreography and performance: Roberto Nuha, Rosella Pellicciotti
Production: Anima Pictures
Postproduction: Light and Moving
Director, Editor, VFX: Kleidi Eski
Script: Kleidi Eski, Elina Duni
Director of photography: Arianit Gjonbalaj
Costumographer: Teuta Resuli

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