Sytë (Elina Duni Quartet)

The Brief

Elina Duni requested an animated music video to promote her quartet’s 2015 album “Dallëndyshe”. The song “Sytë” is a jazz rendition of a famous song by Nexhmije Pagarusha. It speaks about sleepless nights of longing for the loved one.

The Solution

The music video is a surrealistic approach to the theme of dreams that start on a pillow and end on the top of a night train. The protagonist becomes part of an adventurous journey full of dangers towards her love. The line between reality and dreams, gets blurrier as the film goes by.

Project info

Year: 2015
Commissioned by: Elina Duni Quartet
Project type: Music Video
Technique: 2D Animation

Director, Screenwriting, Animation: Kleidi Eski
Music and Lyrics: Isak Muçolli
Vocals: Elina Duni
Performed by: Elina Duni Quartet

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