Mike Candys – LA. Love

The Brief

The swiss music label “Tendencetrend” contacted Light and Moving for the production of an animated music video for the upcoming release of “LA Love” by Mike Candys.

The artist requested a storyline with an obvious theme of the Californian landscape and atmosphere. The two characters, in the center of a summer romance should be Mike and the girl.

As requested by the label and the artist, the character depicting Mike Candys had to wear a large emoji mask, corresponding to the artists’ brand.

The most challenging request: The video had to be made in ten days.

The Solution

We wrote a heartbreaking story with a heartwarming twist and we edited the sequence in a non-linear fashion, altering between flash-backs and present, until the last scene reveals what is actually the shooting of a film in one of the Hollywood studios.

In order to produce the needed character animation within the limited time, we created sophisticated digital puppets that were controlled through programmed expressions and scripts.

Project info

Year: 2016
Commissioned by: TendenceTrend
Project type: Music Video
Technique: Animation (2D),
Published in: Globally

Director, Editor, Animator: Kleidi Eski
Script: Kleidi Eski

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