Lost Boy and Suicide Girl

The Brief

Traktorkestar requested an animated music video to promote their 2016 album “Deafening Lullabies. According to the band, the song is a dark-romantic Peter Pan drama for adults. A song about the destructive power of love, about people who are too fragile for a life outside of Neverland – and on the volatility of happiness.

The Solution

The music video tells an urbanized and bohemian version of the Peter Pan fairytale, where instead of Wendy, there’s a model suicide girl. Neverland is Gentrified, the Fairy is a cabaret prostitute and the magic dust gets you high and then terribly down.

Project info

Year: 2016
Commissioned by: Traktorkestar
Project type: Music Video
Technique: 2D Animation

Studio/Agency: Light and Moving
Director, Screenwriting, Animation: Kleidi Eski
Music: Traktorkestar

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