Pomodoro App

The Brief

Pomodoro requested an explanatory video for their mobile application. Their main aim was to inform the users on the ease of completing an order and above all, the quick way to show the address, which in Albania becomes a real struggle, due to the chaotic address system.

The Solution

A dynamic sequence was created, based on original illustrations. Through the colour schemes, scene transformations and the style, the video aims to attract young users.

Project info

Year: 2016
Commissioned by: Pomodoro
Project type: Explanatory Video, Commercial
Technique: 2D Animation, 2D Motion Graphics
Formats: DCP (cinema), Mp4 (web)

Studio/Agency: Light and Moving
Concept: Kristi Komino (client)
Creative Director: Kleidi Eski
Script: Kleidi Eski, Kristi Komino
Animation: Kleidi Eski
Voice Over Studio: Club Fm

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